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What is a Transcript? 

A transcript is a written representation of the student's academic accomplishments. It is generally created for educational institutions and is signed by the School Administrator.

A report card is similar in that it represents the student's accomplishments but it is created by the teacher for the student's parents or guardians. The teacher also signs the report card.

I tell you this distinction because many schools insist on receiving a transcript and not a report card. Even if your document contains all the required information, it will be rejected by the school if you call it a report card.  

There is no required format for transcripts or report cards. Many templates can be found by searching the web. We recommend including the following information on the elementary or middle school transcript: 

    • The School name
    • The words: Official or Final Official Transcript
    • School Year
    • Grade level 
    • Number of Instructional Days Completed
    • Student name, DOB
    • Parent(s)'s 
    • School Information - address, phone, email. 
    • Accountability Association information
    • Course title and grade
    • Grade scale used
    • Certification Statement
    • Statement that student has been promoted on final transcript
    • Administrators Signature

High school transcripts  must include additional information. Email us at transcripts@chasc.net for more information about the high school transcript. All members will receive a copy of the high school transcript each year as part of the ranking process. 

The transcript templates we provide are for your convenience and not required. You may edit the forms to provide the information you wish to provide on the transcript. 

These templates can be used as progress reports as well since they include attendance and a progress (grade) report.  It is easy to add a section for comments and notes if you wish to use the template as a progress report.

The grading scale is up to you.  Common scales include: 

The 10-point scale:

     A= 90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69, E= 59 and below

The 7-point scale:

     A=93-100, B=85-92, C=77-84, D=70-76, E= 69 and below

E, S, N:

     E (Excellent) = 93-100

     S (Satisfactory) = 92-75

     N (Needs Improvement) = 74 and below


These templates are for elementary and middle school transcripts. High school students receive a transcript as a part of the class ranking process. 

There are various templates because as we have served members through the years, they have had requested the inclusion of different information in the transcript. Choose the one that works best for you.  All but the final elementary report card templates are in Excel format.

Template 1 - includes course title and final grade as well as instructions.

Template 2 - includes course title, semesters, and final grade

Template 3 - includes course title, four quarters, and final grade. 

Template 4 - includes course title, percentile, letter, and grade points/GPA calculation.

Template 5 - includes course title, program/curriculum, percentile, letter, grade points and GPA

Template 6 - includes space to list information from multiple school years: course title, semester and final grades, and a space for notes

Finally, this is a very simple elementary report card can be downloaded in word or pdf format. It contains subject, curriculum, grade and comments. It probably will not meet public school requirements but is fine for a personal school record or progress report. The word document can be edited. 

Submitting Transcripts to Schools

If you need to submit a transcript to the public school for any reason, they will request an official transcript. You are the administrator of the homeschool and sign the transcript as such. Often, you can submit the transcript in a sealed envelope and the school will accept it as an official transcript. You can request a membership letter to include in the envelope with the letter. 

If the school insists that we (CHASC)  send the transcript, please send a signed copy to us with the school's contact information - mailing address, fax number or email address - so that we can send it to the school. If the school sends a request for records directly to us , we will contact you. We respond to the school's request by reminding the school officials that parents are the administrators of the homeschool and keep all records. We will ask them to have you contact us because we never send records without the parents contacting us first to give us permission to send the transcript. You can use the transcript service or create your own transcript. We always support the parents' right to create and keep records under the third option law. We also choose our battles carefully and support your decisions to the best of our ability.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email for help. 

Email: transcripts@chasc.net

Phone: (843) 376-3209

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